Homemaker Basic and Homemaker Enhanced

Building Relationship, Trust, Communication Skills, and Lifelong Friendships

Homemaker Services are services in which a provider goes to the participants’ home and help them performs some basic household skills. It may include teaching the participants the process of perform the household task or complete the task entirely for the participant, depending on the participant’s needs and supports.

Community Connection

Building Relationship, Trust, Communication Skills, and Lifelong Friendships

The main purpose of this service is to offer various opportunities for the individuals to participate in recreational activities while learning to build relationships with peers and other members in the community. Our providers’ primary responsibility is to ensure that the participant enjoy spending time in the community. This service will take place in the community, such as park, library, visit the zoo, mall, and learning about traffic safety skill if necessary. Community Connector Services are provided on a one-to-one basis as a learning environment to provide instruction when identified in the Service Plan. Each provider has a different approach depending to the individuals’ needs and support. They are well trained and prepared to adapt to the need of the individual.

Personal Care

Building Trust, Strength, and Self-Care

Personal Care Services is a service that involve a hands-off learning experience. Our providers will provide opportunities for the individual in services to learn the personal care skills. Our providers will have a pro-active presence in the success of the individuals in completing personal care activities effectively by using different methods to teach them the tasks. Therefore, they will demonstrate and model how to complete the task properly several times to ensure that the participant is familiar with the process.

Residential Services (IRSS)

Building Trust, Strength, and Self-Care

Our residential Service is highly involved in the day-to-day activities and decisions of the individuals we serve. At best, our host home and family caregiver providers are a pro-active presence in the individuals’ life. They continually encourage and motivate them in promoting health and safety skills. They offer continuous support and coaching to ensure that individuals in their care are fully engaged in achieving success. We ensure that they are well trained to adapt to the individuals’ needs and supports in order to fully serve them – person specific. We encourage our providers to communicate and listen to the individuals’ needs and wants to support and assist them appropriately.

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Day Program (Supported Community Connections)

Building Relationships, Growth, Independence, and Lifelong Friendships.

Our primarily focus for this service is to facilitate access to the community for the individuals that we serve. This service will take place in the community, such as park, library, mall, restaurant, bowling places, music events, sports facilities, etc.…

Our providers offer a wide variety of opportunities to facilitate and build relationships and friendships with peers and other members of the society. We ensure that individuals are engaged in healthy and safe activities to improve their independence while access the community. It may involve teaching individuals about traffic safety skills, and other skills to keep them safe in the community. They are also encouraged to build healthy relationships with their peers when participating in a group activity, which may include teaching them methods to create friendship, respect for other members of the group, and encourage them to communicate with their peers.

Respite Hourly and Respite Day

Building Friendship, Trust, Honesty, Strength, and Resilience

Respite services may be provided in the client’s home or the provider’s private residence depending upon the needs of the participants. It may include more than one participant depending on the participants’ needs and supports. Our providers will provide relief and support for parents or primary caregivers who are normally provide care for the client, but unable to care for the client on a short-term basis.


Building Trust, Self-Advocacy, and Personal Learning Experience

Our main objective for this service is to help guide the individuals into a personal learning experience. This service helps individuals in our program learn how to get involved in community activities and advocate for themselves. It will also include developing a plan to enhance the participants’ safety in the home and when accessing the community. The service shows the participant potential Scenarios of exploitation, in which the individuals practice and learn how to protect themselves from exploitation, and manipulation.

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